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We equip educational organizations with the tools and training they need to create safe and hygienic spaces for students and staff.

We provide instruction on creating a clean that covers the whole campus— from classrooms, cafeterias, dining halls, kitchens, and libraries, to offices, dormitories, hallways, communal spaces, health clinics, labs, restrooms, and recreational facilities. A clean school and campus isn’t just for aesthetics. The proper hand sanitizer stations, wipes, and disinfectant need to be readily available to ensure that hands and high-touch surfaces are less likely to be germ and virus hotspots. Let’s empower your janitorial staff with the right training, products, and time-saving equipment to create a safe and spotless school environment that students, staff and families are proud of. We have high-traffic solutions and innovative technology to help you work smarter. 

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Food Service

We cater to your needs for safe and sanitary food preparation, storage, and service... explore our menu of products, supplies, and PPE to maintain a kitchen that stays up to code.

We are your partner in creating a compliant kitchen. Rely on our Allied team to guide your staff with training for sanitation and cleaning in all building areas, prepare for food safety inspections, and stay equipped with sanitation products and supplies for safe food preparation and service. We will assess your food service operations and custom fit a plan for procurement and procedures that help you stay up to code. We install, service, and maintain chemical warewash pumps for more efficient dishwashing too. Look to Allied for PPE, storage and receptacle solutions, sanitizers, skincare, cleaning supplies and equipment that keep your customers safe and coming back for more. Now that’s a recipe for success.

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We prepare you to offer an outstanding, hygienic experience for guests and wow everyone who walks through your doors.  

We know how important it is to create a consistent clean for your guests. We equip staff to maintain the highest level of clean expected in each room, at every property. Rely on Allied for uniform cleaning products and processes for each building area and task. Our online training program makes sure housekeeping is trained the same way, with the same steps for thorough cleaning. Our goal is to help you make a great impression on your guests. We outfit and supply your property with matting, receptacles, dispensers, bath tissue, chemicals, cleaning supplies, skincare solutions, cleaning equipment, and more. We install, service, and maintain laundry and warewash chemical pumps to streamline your in-house operations. Rolling out the red carpet for your guests has never been easier.

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Building Service Contractors 

We equip your staff for maximum efficiency, providing them with the proper training to use the correct products in the correct applications. 

Cleaning is accomplished with ease when your staff has the know-how and toolset to do the task right the first time. We make onboarding and continuing education easy with an included online training program, in-person sessions and demonstrations, and a cloud-based custodial management app to easily track operations. Allied Eagle technology provides you with quick online ordering, and supply usage tracking, reporting, and budget controls to effectively manage your business. We have our own fleet of trucks and drivers that offer custom deliveries to your locations and drop-off points, and delivery tracking too. Plus, we offer equipment repair on-site or in-shop. We help you grow your business. Let us arm you with the services, tools, and insight you need to keep your customers’ facilities spotless and safe.

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We help you achieve a clinical and compliant clean to ensure patient and visitor safety and satisfaction. 

We help mitigate the risk of HAIs by directly supporting your infection control policies and procedures in the areas of hand hygiene, PPE, CDI prevention, environmental cleaning and training, blood-borne pathogen training, and respiratory/hygiene cough etiquette. Our online training program covers cleaning for acute health care, long term health care, healthcare laundry, and kitchen sanitation with included testing, tracking, documentation, and certification. Our custodial management software allows you to ensure protocols are properly executed and maintained, input work-logging, conduct quality inspections, and pull reporting. We can assist with your disinfection program guidelines, and the proper chemicals needed for each protocol level. Additionally, we install, service, and maintain commercial laundry and warewash chemical dispenser operations. Maintaining the safest level of clean provides patients peace of mind and protects your brand.

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Commercial Laundry

Our professionally certified laundry experts install and maintain advanced systems, including web-connected dispensers with remote monitoring and reporting!

We conduct site surveys, install and service dispensers, and set up planned maintenance visits. Large commercial laundry systems (typically more than 3 washers) can be completely controlled from the internet with web-connected chemical dispensers. Laundry operations will be accessible by dashboard so that you have 24/7 remote monitoring and access, and can set alert levels, easily diagnose issues, and pull performance reporting. For small-scale commercial laundry, we still come out for routine preventative maintenance to check and maintain your system and provide reporting. Allied will supply you with the right chemicals for the correct wash process you need. We are always here to answer questions, troubleshoot systems, and maintain smooth operations.

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Manufacturing / Industrial

Increase operational efficiencies and provide safer work zones with the right cleaning supplies, equipment, utility carts, PPE, skincare solutions, and chemicals.

We support your business in staying compliant and ensuring quality outcomes. Your staff has access to our free online training (including OSHA GHS HAZCOM) that provides testing, tracking, and documentation to keep your facility clean, and your workers prepared. We are here to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide you with the PPE and cleaning solutions need for safe operations and good manufacturing practices. We will match your facility with the correct tilt trucks, utility carts, degreasers, industrial skincare solutions, wipers, scrubbers, sweepers and anything you might need. We help improve your facility cleanliness, so that you can produce high-quality manufacturing outcomes. 

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Food Processing

We have the perfect ingredients for a sanitary food processing and food manufacturing plan, and we create SOPs to stay compliant. 

Keep employees and consumers safe and avoid costly liability. We work with food processors and manufacturers to build and enhance food safety plans and best maintain sanitary sites. We prepare you for SQF, BRC, ISO 22000, and AIB audits, and offer training and support for SSOP, HACCP, food borne illnesses, and GHS transition. Take advantage of online training with electronic documentation. Validate your program with quality inspections using ATP & CompuClean (a cloud-based app that allows you to document and monitor established CCP limits). From sanitizers to degreasers, we can help you find the right quat-based or quat-free, chlorinated or non-chlorinated, high-foaming or low-foaming chemicals. We also supply specially designed brushes and everything from color-coded tools to foam units, PPE, and E-rated soaps and sanitizers. We are proud to help provide sanitary facilities for meat and poultry, egg processing, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy processing, bakery products, grain mill products, and more.

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Commercial Offices / Real Estate

We know exactly what it takes to create attractive and hygienic spaces that leave visitors and workers with a great impression.

Let's create an at-home experience away from home to keep employees satisfied. Even the type of bath tissue you choose can make a difference! We help you select the right tier of paper products, dispensers, and fixtures to maintain an employee-approved and continuously stocked restroom. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! What does your building’s appearance say about your organization? A clean and well-cared-for facility shows customers that you will give your all to providing them with the best experience. We’ll assess your property’s needs to also address matting, receptacles, skincare solutions, and cleaning equipment. We train and supply custodial staff so that the most efficient cleaning processes can be put into place. We aren’t afraid of detailed instructions! Our Allied fleet of trucks and drivers will deliver on your schedule to your specific drop-off locations. With Allied Eagle’s help, your property will always look its best.

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Sports and Entertainment

We create a game plan for tackling high-capacity traffic with the right products, technology and procedures to impress athletes, fans, members, and patrons.

We make sure front of house offers a hygienic, fresh, and inviting environment. Let’s keep patrons happy and safe with hand sanitizer and wipe stations readily available. Your facility needs to withstand an influx of people. Installing high-capacity dispensers helps staff spend less time on refills. We provide smart technology that monitors dispenser levels and visitor traffic, and tracks staff maintenance tasks online. Our online training program ensures your staff members are consistently trained to maintain your customer-expected level of clean. That means back of house is covered too! From surface disinfectants to food service sanitizers and PPE, we’re ready to make sure you have a clean facility with food-safe operations. Plus, we’ll match you with the right cleaning equipment for quickly tackling large spaces. We can’t wait to team up with you to maintain a winning environment!

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We partner with entities on a federal, state, county, township, and municipality level to access special pricing and ease procurement processes.

Let’s think smarter. We can show you how group purchasing cooperatives can save you time and money. Joining Equalis Group or Omnia Partners allows public sector organizations to use previously established contracts that are competitively solicited and publicly awarded for making purchases. This eases your procurement process by utilizing existing contracts with competitive pricing. Outside of purchasing co-ops, Allied Eagle has a suite of benefits for our customers too. Our online platforms allow you to quickly place and refill orders, create and manage budgets, assess invoices and supply usage, and pull reporting. Stay compliant with OSHA, and easily train staff with our included online training program that covers a variety of cleaning procedures for different building areas. Creating a custom cleaning plan and maintaining hygienic spaces is easy with Allied.