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Refresh your Rubber Floors

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Rubber flooring has become increasingly more popular, it provides a wide variety of aesthetic options such as textures and colors not typically available with traditional types of flooring. While rubber flooring can be very durable, overtime it can start to shows signs of wear and become a real challenge to clean and maintain its appearance.

This is especially true in areas where snow and ice require heavy use of salt or ice melter.

dirty rubber floor

We can help you "refresh your rubber floors" making them not only easier to maintain but get them looking as good as they day they were installed. Check out this example of how we recently helped a customer refresh their rubber floor:

The Challenge

This rubber flooring is located in a high traffic entrance at a large multi-purpose arena. The heavy soil loads, moisture and salt residue being tracked in had taken a toll on this floor, which is one of the first impressions patrons have when entering this facility.

The Solution

dirty rubber floor

We deep cleaned and finished the floor using the following products, tools and procedures:


  • Spartan Clean by Peroxy
  • Spartan ProMatte Floor Finish


  • Square Scrub Floor Machine
  • Doodle Scrub Edging Machine
  • Turf Pads

‚Äčdirty rubber floor


  1. Apply a solution of Spartan Clean by Peroxy diluted at 2 ounces per gallon of water.
  2. Deep clean the Floor using a Square Scrub orbital floor machine with a turf pad. This removes soils and salt residues quickly and effectively.
  3. Deep clean edges and hard to reach areas using a DoodleScrub machine with a turf pad.
  4. Rinse with water using a mop bucket or automatic scrubber and allow to dry.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Spartan ProMatte floor finish. ProMatte is designed to protect and give the floor a low gloss clean look.

dirty rubber floor result

The Result

A very happy customer with a great looking floor that is easier to maintain and makes a great first impression!

Contact us today for more information.