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Outdoor Skincare Dispensers hit Winter at Valade

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When our team heard about Detroit Riverfront Conservancy’s Winter at Valade program this year, we just knew it was something we could contribute to. Allied Eagle, a Division of Imperial Dade partnered with GOJO PURELL® to sponsor this event and make sure attendees had high-quality hand sanitizer readily available.

What makes Winter at Valade unique is that Valade Park is situated on the bank of the Detroit River, giving attendees breathtaking views of the water while they enjoy fun winter activities. We wanted guests to feel secure knowing hand hygiene dispensers are available at this largely outdoor event… and we had the perfect solution.

We worked with Detroit Riverfront Conservancy to place a number of PURELL® CS4 All-Weather Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in areas where attendees would need them most. These durable dispensers are made of engineered resin (3x stronger than materials used in most dispensers1) and tough enough to maintain performance and appearance in extreme temperatures. Partnering with America’s #1 hand sanitizer brand2 allowed us to provide all-weather dispensers paired with an effective formulation. Now whoever sleds, cozies up to a bonfire, grabs a bite to eat, or plays winter games will have easy access to hand sanitizer.


Beyond serving as a Cozy Community Sponsor for this event, the Allied Eagle team is invigorated by installing these dispensers and boosting hand hygiene for the people in our community. Our branch operates a little further down the Detroit RiverWalk from Valade Park. The feeling of being able to directly make an impact along the riverfront and improve hygiene for fellow Detroiters is almost more than we can put into words. We are so glad to be a part of the Downtown Detroit community, and we look forward to helping anyone along the RiverWalk and beyond.

How can we elevate your level of clean? Contact us today to start a conversation: (800) 211-6244, Send us a Message.


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