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Mats are Essential. Here’s Why…

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Take a quick moment to think about the entrances at your facility. The first question to ask yourself is: do we have matting? The second question to ask yourself is: do we have the proper matting in the right places?

Let’s do a quick review. Outside of your front doors, place a Scraper mat to remove heavy debris and dirt from shoes. Inside of your doors, place a Scraper/Wiper mat to continue a scraping action and also retain a bulk of the moisture tracked in. Lastly, place a Wiper mat as your final defense to remove remaining moisture, dust, lint, hair, and debris.


  1. REDUCE SLIPS & FALLS: Placing the correct matting is an easy way to help prevent slips and falls. These winter and spring months bring in bounds of precipitation. A great indoor mat will provide traction and stay in place, giving the foot a more reliable place to land than a water-pooled bare floor.
  1. PROTECT YOUR FLOORS: Mats protect hard floors from scratching and carpets from tearing. Additionally, they help protect your floors from marks, stains, and severe water and salt damage. Mats take away the burden of an annual beatdown on your flooring, meaning the nice flooring you invested in will last that much longer. Now that’s smart.  
  1. CONTAIN DIRT & MOISTURE: Did you know that if you place mats within the first 15 to 18 feet of your building you can contain 85% of dirt, dust, and moisture brought in? Containing that dirt and water to the mats will prevent an excess of mess from being tracked throughout your building. That’s less space to cover when cleaning up.
  1. IMPROVE APPEARANCE: Commercial matting offers a variety of textures, patterns, and colors that elevate your entryway and provide a professional appearance to occupants. Our Sales Reps love finding the right mats to match your facility style and company branding. You can even customize mats to show a message or company logo!
  1. MAINTAIN YOUR FACILITY: Beyond appearance, commercial matting allows you to pick matting based on your entryway size, traffic volume, and specific maintenance goals. Choose mats that hold more water, scrape better, stop more soil, resist fading and staining, are eco-friendly, retain more dust, or offer high durability.

Let's talk return on investment. If your facility has about 1,000 people enter over 20 days, you would have about 24 pounds of dirt brought in... which is $14,400 in dirt removal. One dollar spent on keeping dirt out of a building will save you $10 in removing it once it’s inside. Now you know just how valuable matting can be. Ready for expert matting recommendations? An Allied Eagle Representative can help you outfit your facility: (800) 211-6244 | Click Here to Contact Us



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