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By Essity Professional Hygiene

The approach to hygiene and cleaning has changed for the long term with the pandemic. Going to the office, eating at a restaurant, or attending an event will have everyone judging whether a space is clean and safe. So, no matter the industry, caring for your employees', visitors' or tenants’ health and well-being is key to long-term success.

Whether you want to make an impression, show you care for your visitors, maintain hygiene standards or keep control of costs, the solutions that you have in your facility matter. As a facility manager, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and products easily accessible to institute a high standard of personal hygiene. Today, both staff and visitors expect functional and quality hygiene solutions to help keep them healthy and safe.

Tork provides a wide range of expertise as well as a bundle of functional and well-designed hygiene products and services to help you take care of your visitors, employees, staff or tenants.

From rethinking the ultimate guest experience and cleaning efficiencies, to reimagining new ways to become more sustainable, we improve your business by empowering you with the right knowledge, hygiene products and services to prepare you for what your business does best.

The Tork solutions bundle helps you:

  • Impress your guests with a coordinated look

  • Improve hygiene and minimize germ spread

  • Increase efficiency and reduce cleaning

  • Achieve sustainability goals with Tork products and services

Let us inspire and support you to think ahead with the Tork bundle so you’re always ready for business! Click Here to Learn More.