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Extend the Life of Your Carpet With Proper Maintenance

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Winter has been on and off in parts of Michigan and Toledo, which means salt, slush, and snow has been tracked throughout your facilities. This can lead to an increase in wear and tear on your carpet floors.

Carpet is one of the most common types of flooring found in many facilities, which leads to our topic for this blog. With the combination of chemicals and machines, you can ensure that your carpet at your facility will look like new, and last longer which eliminates the added expense (both time and money) of replacing your carpeting. How do you keep your carpets clean and extend the life of your carpet in your facility?

Preventative Maintenance

The first step in preventative maintenance is to add floormats to your facility. Floormats are the very first in defense against annoying salt, slush, and water that you track in from the outdoor elements. There are 3 different mats to choose from:

  1. Scraper Mats - First mat on the 3-step system. These mats are placed on the outside of your facility and act as the first defense against the winter elements.
  2. Scraper/Wiper Mats - Second line of defense to help remove and trap large debris/moisture from shoes. 
  3. Carpeted Mats - These are the third and final line of defense against the winter elements. These are used to wipe away the remaining dust and moisture from shoes that have been walking around in the winter elements.

Not everyone does a good job of wiping their shoes or boots off when they enter a facility, which leads to salt, slush, and water being trekked inside. We recommend using the following chemical and machines to help eliminate any winter elements ruining your carpet:


Tornado CVD 30 Upright Vacuum

The Tornado CVD 30 vacuum is a powerful option, which also does not require any tools to remove and replace the brush roll. The CVD 30 also features a HEPA filter to trap the fine particles that other vacuums do not collect.

Clean by Peroxy

Green Seal Certified, Clean by Peroxy is an all-purpose cleaner that is easy on the environment. Clean by Peroxy is great for carpeting, as it cleans deep and effectively emulsifies any salt residue.

With hydrogen peroxide as a major ingredient, you can also help brighten up your carpet during these dull and gray winter days.

Minuteman Port A Scrub

Thoroughly clean the toughest floors such as carpeting throughout your facility with the Port A Scrub. The Port A Scrub has a low noise operation, as well as removable tanks. This machine is easy to operate, and can be used with one hand only.

Watch the video above to learn more about removing ice melt residue from floor matting

Interim Maintenance

What most don't think about is how important interim maintenance can be. Performing effective interim maintenance on your carpeting can extend the amount of time between when your staff needs to do any long deep cleaning procedures. What does interim maintenance consist of?

Interim maintenance is when you clean your carpeting between vacuuming and doing the restorative maintenance deep cleaning. Interim maintenance consists of a lot of vacuuming, and we have many options for vacuums to perform proper interim cleaning at your facility.

Restorative Maintenance

Towards the end of winter, and going into the spring months, you may find that your carpeting throughout your facility is looking a little rough, and you may have considered replacing your carpeting in select areas. Before you do any of that, make sure you consider performing some deep cleaning to restore the look of your carpeting and avoid the costly replacement of any carpeting in your facility.

Advance ES300 XP Carpet Extractor

Built on the AquaClean platform, this multi-purpose machine is great for cleaning your high-traffic areas. With salt and slush becoming embedded into your facilities carpeting, the ES300 XP Carpet Extractor will easily and effectively remove the embedded salt and slush.

Want to learn more?

We are here to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to the maintenance of your facility, and we are always eager to help our customers. If you have any questions regarding any products such as chemicals and or machines to take on the winter months, please give us a call at 800-211-6244.