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SUM Supply Usage Manager

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SUM Supply Usage Manager | Allied Eagle Supply | Detroit, MI - SUM-Tablet

SUM Supply Usage Manager

Supply Usage Manager (SUM) is a private online platform that allows you to analyze product and spend usage so that you can make the best decisions for your business. View monthly, quarterly, and annual product usage data, and make usage comparisons by location, building size, building population, or other factors. Managers can flag orders that exceed budgets, place orders on hold, and ensure buildings are using the appropriate products. View drilled down invoices to analyze spend, and pull supply usage reports with charts and graphs. Smarter spending and product usage results in maintenance efficiency and cost savings! 

  • Create & Manage Budgets
  • Review Product Usage Data
  • Compare Product Usage
  • Create Normalized Measurement Factors
  • Create Monthly Invoice Reports
  • Generate Reports and Export Data
  • Monitor Compliance
  • Control Access To Data

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