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Get Back to Work Safely Guide


Learn how to best equip your workplace to welcome back your in-person staff and customers.

If your business has been shut down, or just partially operational, it’s important to lay out a plan of every action you need to complete in order to reopen safely. Learn more with the CDC. We have provided these checklists as a starting point. Keep scrolling to see our Recommended Products List!


  • Assess your facility’s mechanical and life safety systems to make sure they are up to snuff. Make sure that no problems have arisen with water systems, electrical systems, mold, or pests.
  • Check on your facility’s HVAC systems that have been turned off. Make sure they will work correctly and are ready for startup.
  • Consider which windows and doors can be opened, if possible, to circulate outdoor air into your building.


  • Follow OSHA’s guidance on protecting workers. Implement a COVID-19 Prevention Program for your workplace which assesses hazards, enacts measures to limit the spread, and addresses protocol for workers who have become or may have been infected.
    • Create a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.
    • Choose a point person to handle COVID-19 related concerns.
    • Conduct a hazard assessment in your workplace to identify conditions that may affect exposure risk, like: ability for employees to wear face masks, the need for close contact with other people, ventilation of spaces, high-touch surfaces, and existing medical conditions workers may have. This will help you locate and address potential hot spots as you assess, identify, and document your risk level for each different job.
    • Develop measures to limit the spread, like: implementing physical distancing in common work areas, installing barriers where physical distancing cannot be maintained, having employees wear face coverings or PPE, improving ventilation, providing hand hygiene products and cleaning supplies, performing routine cleaning and necessary disinfecting, and preventing infected or potentially affected workers from entering the workplace.
    • Consider implementing accommodations for those employees at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.
    • Educate and communicate with employees regarding your enacted COVID-19 policies. Train them on the new policies and procedures. Consider adding posters and signage to support your COVID-19 Prevention Program.
    • Consider conducting health checks and testing employees.


  • Consider limiting person capacity in a given space by staggering in-person work hours. Keep number of meeting attendees underneath a designated maximum capacity.
  • Adjust your workplace settings and procedures to increase physical distance for employees and customers by reducing close contact where possible. Rearrange workspaces and operations to maintain physical space of at least 6 feet between workers. Provide drive-through, delivery, or pick-up options for customers, move electronic payment systems further from cashiers, install transparent shields or solid barriers where physical distance cannot be maintained, and place signage and markers where customers should stand to maintain physical distancing. Make sure communal seating areas are physically distanced too. Minimize or remove use of shared objects.
  • Improve facility ventilation with these recommendations from the CDC.
  • Consider creating policies and adding signage and markers for elevator, stairway, and aisle use to promote physical distancing in these tight spaces.


Create and maintain a plan for routine cleaning. Visit the CDC’s Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting. Clean high-touch surfaces at least once a day. Make sure all employees who use cleaning products have been trained properly, we recommend CleanCheck training. When disinfection is needed, reference EPA List N for products to kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used according to the label directions.

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