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Sign up for Delivery Tracking so that you will always know the status of your delivery.

Don’t get left in the dark when it comes to delivery! We want to make sure you never have to wonder where your order is at. Take a look at what you will receive with Delivery Tracking:

Four reasons why we love Delivery Tracking:

  1. It’s incredibly transparent. We can send you an alert as soon as your order is scheduled. You’ll get an ETA the day before your order goes out. As soon as our order leaves our loading docks you will be notified that your order is on its way. Not only that, you can see exactly where our truck is at on our real-time map.
  2. It saves you time. Since we give you an ETA the day before your order is scheduled, you can plan ahead for receiving your order. You won’t have to contact us for order status; all of the order information will be right at your fingertips. Plus, you can sign electronically if you don’t need to be there in person to receive your items!
  3. It connects you with a team you can trust. We give you real-time insight into our delivery process so that you are always aware of your delivery status. We deliver and drop-off to your exact desired location so that it makes your job easier. We will go the extra mile. We share the name and photo of our Delivery Driver so that you know who you are working with. We even encourage you to rate our drivers to ensure that you are getting the best possible experience.
  4. It’s documented. In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever to document your cleaning process. If that includes documenting which cleaning supplies you ordered and when you received them, we’ve got you covered. Save your email and/or text notification alerts as proof of your order delivery. Save a PDF of your delivery tracking page that shows proof that your order has been delivered along with the delivery date, time, picture and map.

“The ADA's (Delivery Tracking) that Allied Eagle offers has helped our company out greatly. I receive an email for each order that is being delivered letting me know a time frame that the delivery will be made and who will be delivering it. If a delivery cannot be made at the original time frame I get an update letting me know the time has been updated. We can also see in real time where the driver is at and how many stops they have until our delivery. Once delivered I receive an email letting me know it was delivered with a picture of the delivery and who signed for it. “ - Charity, building service contractor in Michigan

Discover the power of Delivery Tracking. Click Here to Learn More and Register. Watch this Video to see our Delivery Tracking process in action!

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Our Locations

For more than 70 years customers have relied on our expertise to help them effectively and economically manage their cleaning and maintenance needs.

We currently have 2 locations serving customers throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Each location includes a showroom, warehouse, and experienced representatives ready to assist you with any questions you may have concerning the right janitorial supplies that you may need to make your place shine.

Additionally, we are partnered with prominent distributors across North America so we are able to go wherever you do and provide you with consistent reliable service.

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