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Looking to Take Your Facility's Laundry to the Next Level?

Are you looking to extend linen life, save water, and achieve whiter linens? Look no further than the Omni Solutions Lux Hydroxyl System. This revolutionary laundry system does all that, without adding any clunky additional equipment to your current laundry system.

With the Omni Solutions Lux Hydroxyl System, you should expect to see the following changes:

Reduced Therms

  • Lux system provides an 80% reduction in hot water usage
  • Lower hot water usage means lower natural gas costs for you

Save Water

  • 20% or more reduction in water consumption
  • Average 60-pound washer conserves over 100,000 gallons

UV Disinfection

  • UV light is proven to reduce HAI's by killing superbugs
  • Superbugs can be C. diff and/or MRSA as well as bacteria, viruses, mold, protozoa, and more

Whiter Linens

  • Advanced oxidation means whiter and brighter linens
  • Reduction of staining and rewash

Extend Linen Life

  • Extend linen life by up to 20%
  • Uses cooler water temperature to decrease damage to linen fibers

The LUX Hydroxyl system works hand in hand with Spartan Chemicals Clothesline Fresh laundry chemicals to deliver the best linen cleaning experience possible. With that in mind, expect to see a major change in how your laundry results turn out.

Want to learn more about the Omni Solutions LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System? Check out this video below:

Want to learn more about the LUX Hydroxyl system by Omni Solutions?

If you have any questions about this new and exciting laundry system by Omni Solutions, please give us a call at 800-211-6244 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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