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Provide a Better Restroom Experience with Tork PeakServe!

The Tork PeakServe towel dispenser is designed for busy restrooms to keep traffic flowing. Does this sound like your business?  Read below to learn more!

Why Tork PeakServe?

Did you know that the #1 issue for guests at high-traffic restrooms are that they are dirty and overcrowded? Did you also know that 71% of guests in high-traffic restrooms have had a bad experience?  If this sounds bad to you, then you should strongly consider the Tork PeakServe system for your facility!

Tork PeakServe is designed to better serve high-traffic restrooms in arenas, concert venues, airports, or anywhere else that has a great deal of users daily. 

More flexibility means more time to clean

Refill when it suits you (Up to 600 more guests served between dispenser servicing*) Double the towels you can carry (compressed by 50%)

Cut refill time in half (with more than 2,100 towels per dispenser*)

*Compared to traditional folded towel dispensing systems


Fewer restroom delays get guests in and out faster

Avoid run outs with 250% more hand towels* (lower consumption thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing

Faster dispensing serves guests in 3 seconds (quicker than jet air drying time)

Taking a towel is always smooth and easy (with their patented continuous towel system)

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