Grease Building Up in Your Kitchen?  Eliminate it with SparClean Sure Step!

Grease is inescapable in a kitchen environment, especially in and around grills and fryers. Over time, this grease builds-up in kitchen tile and grout, creating a slippery, safety hazard.

SparClean® Sure Step is a no-rinse, enzyme floor cleaner that breaks down built-up grease, improving slip resistance.

Features and Benefits of SparClean Sure Step


Improves traction, restores grout - Reduces exposure to slip and fall incidents

Residual enzyme action - Continues to clean even when the floor is dry

Easy to use - 5 simple steps to a cleaner, safer work environment

No goggles or gloves required for use - HIMS safety rating of 1, 0, 0

No Rinse Formula - Save labor, time and water

Cleans with cold water - Save energy, save money

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