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Restroom Odors…Are You Properly Eliminating Them or Masking Them?

First impressions are everything, and a bad restroom can make some people have no desire to ever come back.  Do you focus on how your restroom presents itself to people coming into your place of business?  Read below to learn more about how to keep your restrooms clean and fresh!

The Challenge

Urine odor is typically the number one bathroom complaint.  Urine seems to find the most inconspicuous places outside of the toilets and urinals. Some common areas that urine tends to hide are floors/grout, walls, and drains.

The Solution

By using a combination of cleaning chemicals and the proper cleaning tools, you can keep your restroom looking and smelling as clean (if not better) as it did on day one!

Recommended Chemicals

  • Spartan Chemical Consume – Spartan Chemical Consume has multiple functions such as a cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, as well as a drain maintainer. Spartan Chemical Consume works very well on bathroom tile.

  • Clorox Urine Remover – Clorox Urine Remover is ideal for your bathroom as it eliminates the odors and does not just mask the smell. What makes this product a great option to clean your bathrooms is by its formulation that is great for hard-to-clean porous and soft surfaces.

Recommended Tools

  • Nufiber Divided Bucket – The divided bucket is great for reducing the cross contamination of soil after using the mop on the surface you are looking at cleaning.

  • Nufiber Green Tube Mop – The tube mop, made from microfiber, is great for absorption of water and soil. Microfiber requires less water than the competing cotton mop and can absorb up to SEVEN times its weight in water.

Do you have any questions regarding restroom odors and how to help eliminate them?  Reach out to us today, and we can answer any questions you may have!

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