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Vacuums…Productivity and Effectiveness

Let’s talk Vacuums!  We use them to help keep our facilities clean, but have you thought about how the right vacuum can save your company time and money? Read below to learn more about the different types vacuums and how they can help boost productivity and efficiency!

Cordless Backpack Vacuum - provide more freedom of motion while eliminating the issue of the power cord getting in the way of the vacuum or your feet.  The backpack vacuum also enables a more “natural” posture versus the alternatives.  All of this helps to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the vacuum system.

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Corded Backpack Vacuum - ideal for all day use where you are using the same vacuum for multiple shifts.  Corded backpack vacuums provide the added benefit of a weight savings (no additional batteries).  The biggest benefit is the reduced cost when compared to the cordless option.

Upright Vacuum - provide more of a cost benefit as compared to a canister vacuum.  When using an upright vacuum, you will find that you will lessen the need to bend over for anything, resulting in less strain on the user’s body.

Wide Area Vacuum - provides a wider cleaning area, as compared to its alternatives.  Wide area vacuums can cut down on total cleaning time.  This in the end minimizes the total amount of time to clean a facility results in less of a cost to you!

We can help you choose the right vacuum for the job!

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