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Spartan CleanCheck

Spartan Chemical’s CleanCheck Training System is aimed to ensure that your staff understands the proper cleaning procedures to create a safe and clean environment.  Read below to learn more about CleanCheck!


Training Videos – These videos provide a step-by-step procedure-based instruction on cleaning in various areas.  Each of these video modules cover the cleaning process from end-to-end.

Training Manual – Spartan CleanCheck manual includes detailed instruction on proper cleaning and procedures.  These pages can be handed out during employee training, as well as being referenced for employee training and re-training.

On-the-job Cards – These allow employees to perform each step of the cleaning process with confidence, so they are ready to clean by themselves.  These cards can be easily separated, and they can be customized based on what employees need specific cards.

Color-Coded Product Categories – Spartan CleanCheck utilizes color-coded product categories to identify which products are right for the job, these are displayed as colored/numbered dots throughout the videos, cards, and manuals.  CleanCheck includes corresponding stickers, which can be applied to the actual product containers so there is a direct association between the chemical and cleaning category.

Online Testing, Tracking, and Certification – After training is complete, you can reward your employees for a job well done!  Online testing is available and provides results, which are trackable.  There are test questions that focus on basic concepts, correct answers facilitate success and professional workmanship.  Personalized certificates with the employee name, as well as area mastered are available upon completion of each training module.

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