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Advance ES300/ES300XP Carpet Extractors

Clean carpets better with the Advance ES300 and ES300XP Carpet Extractors.  These machines come in handy when working on high traffic carpeted areas, thanks to its industry leading AquaClean platform.  Read below for more information on the ES300 and ES300XP machines, and how they can benefit your business.



LIFT Technology – This features helps with faster dry times (available on the ES300XP only).

Better Design…Greater Productivity – Each cleaning mode is easily engaged from the panel, as well as an increased tank capacity for extended operation.

Makes Tough Jobs Easier – The ES300 and ES300XP are easy to operate.  They feature a front mounted drain hose, an integrated hand tool (only on ES300XP), and the brush head which makes greater contact with the floor and increases suction.


Complete the Tasks Faster – The ES300 and ES300XP are able to help make cleaning faster and easier.

Quick Dry Times – Perform deep cleaning or interim cleaning with super-quick dry times (ES300XP only).

Use in a Variety of Locations – Ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, small businesses, offices, and retailers.

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