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Kimberly-Clark Wiping Solutions for your Workplace

From wiping up grime to soaking up spills, effective cleaning is essential to your operation. It directly affects your product quality and your people and selecting the right cleaning tools means everything. Choose the best... WypAll* Cloths and Towels. They are a clean, consistent, and reliable replacement for paper towels, rags, or shop towels.

Which Wypall Wiper is right for you?

A good product “fit” ensures quality performance, safety and efficiency. It’s also how we improve productivity, with no extra wipers or effort needed to complete each task. So, choose your wiper based on your specific needs, and count on Kimberly-Clark Professional* to help you make your workplace truly exceptional.

WypAll Chart

Consider the cost, waste, and inefficiency of rags

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  • How many of the rags we buy are unusable and are just thrown away?
  • Why are we paying for rags we can’t use?
  • How much valuable space do we devote to storing those big bulky rag containers?
  • Is walking back and forth to the rag barrel (and taking time to choose a rag) hurting worker productivity?
  • How many rags are used to complete a wiping task?
  • How many pounds of heavy rags are we paying to dispose of?

Rags are sold by weight, but are inconsistent in size, fabric and shape. They add to your landfill waste and associated costs. They can even leave residue on parts, creating quality issues.

This small change can make a big impact

Simply switch to WypAll* Wipers. When you compare the lifecycles of WypAll* Wipers and rags, you’ll discover opportunities to:

    • Consume less
    • Reduce waste
    • Cut Costs2

2 Comparisons based on average WypAll* Wiper usage versus average rag usage.

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Our Locations

For more than 70 years customers have relied on our expertise to help them effectively and economically manage their cleaning and maintenance needs.

We currently have 3 locations serving customers throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Each location includes a showroom, warehouse, and experienced representatives ready to assist you with any questions you may have concerning the right janitorial supplies that you may need to make your place shine.

Additionally, we are partnered with prominent distributors across North America so we are able to go wherever you do and provide you with consistent reliable service.

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