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Superior Coverage. Trusted Solutions. – The Power of Clorox ®

$1,685/employee… That is the average annual cost of illness to employers. (1)

$400,000… That is the cost to a major university to combat a Norovirus outbreak. (2)

Clorox’s all new electrostatic sprayer combined with their arsenal of disinfectants and sanitizers offers superior coverage in those tough to reach places. Using the Clorox® Total 360™ Electrostatic Sprayer to apply Clorox® Total 360™

Power Of Clorox

Disinfectant Cleaner and Clorox® Anywhere will lead to a cleaner and healthier facility.

Electrostatic Technology

Under, behind, and on the side of are all those tricky spots that are near impossible when cleaning. With this innovative spraying technology, the system uses an air compressor for quiet, yet powerful liquid flow. The Electrostatic sprayer disperses charged particles that cling to surfaces then wrapping around them to attack those hard to reach areas.

Key Features of the Clorox® Total 360™ System

  • Kills cold(rhinovirus) and flu viruses in 2 minutes or less.
  • Covers up to 18,000 ft2/hour.
  • Uses up to 65% less solution compared to a trigger sprayer.
  • Great for athletic facilities, bathrooms, institutional kitchens, laundry rooms, offices, schools, correctional facilities and many more.

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(1) Source: Lost_Productive_Work_Time_Costs_From_Health.4.aspx
(2) Source: issa-clean-standards/clean-standard-k-12/how-dirty-is-your-childsschool-infographic.html#.WCESGS0rKM

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For more than 70 years customers have relied on our expertise to help them effectively and economically manage their cleaning and maintenance needs.

We currently have 3 locations serving customers throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Each location includes a showroom, warehouse, and experienced representatives ready to assist you with any questions you may have concerning the right janitorial supplies that you may need to make your place shine.

Additionally, we are partnered with prominent distributors across North America so we are able to go wherever you do and provide you with consistent reliable service.

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