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SMA Signs Deal with Navigator GPO


Strategic Market Alliance has reached an agreement effective March 1, 2016, with Navigator Group Purchasing, Inc., a Managed Healthcare Associates organization.


Navigator Group Purchasing, Inc. is the experienced leader in healthcare and hospitality purchasing services, delivering savings and cash flow improvements to its members. A focused portfolio of products, innovative services, and strong relationships with members, vendors, and manufacturers, differentiates Navigator from the competition.

Navigator provides carefully assembled discounted contracts with key vendors and manufacturers producing committed programs to their members for substantial savings and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Operating as part of Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA), they conduct their business in accordance with the mission and vision that unify all MHA companies and solutions. Navigator's offering includes:

  • Purchasing Services for Healthcare and Hospitality Industries
  • NO COST Membership, No Commitment Level
  • Volume Discount Pricing and Price Protection
  • Full Transparency Reporting, Vendor Flexibility, and Savings
  • Detailed Cost Reporting
  • A Focused Portfolio of Products and Services
  • Quotes on Products, Services, and Equipment
  • Nutrition and Food Consultant Services
  • Individual Sales Support
  • Safe Harbor Compliance
  • Employee Benefits Program

Allied-Eagle Supply is a member owner of Strategic Market Alliance.

Strategic Market Alliance is a member-owned cooperative comprised of prominent distributors in North America who provide janitorial, sanitation, and foodservice packaging products and related services. SMA serves as a catalyst for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness within the supply channel by creating application-specific, functional solutions that improve operations while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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