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It’s Winter – Give Your Entrance Matting a Break!

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One of the best ways to care for your floors is to make sure you have a proper floor matting program in place. The right matting can prevent soil from being tracked into your facility and enhance the safety of your floors.

However, even the best matting program can have a hard time doing its job if it is not properly maintained, especially now that the winter season is upon us. When the snow and ice arrives, so does the need for ice melt, which leaves a residue that can build up in your matting diminishing its effectiveness at protecting your floors and providing safety for occupants.

Periodic Interim winter maintenance for your mats is quick and easy with Spartan’s Clean by Peroxy. Mix at 2 oz. per gallon of water, spray moderately over the entire mat, work it in with a brush and allow to dry. This will help neutralize the residue and keep your mats looking and performing great during the wet and sloppy winter months.

Routine maintenance including frequent vacuuming is recommended daily to remove soil, perform restorative maintenance using a carpet extractor to deep clean as needed.

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