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Using Matte Floor Finish to Brighten Your Floors!

spartan promatte

For most facilities, high gloss floors are the epitome of a well maintained building - the higher the gloss, the better. However, in some facilities, glossy floors may cause a problem for building residents, such as memory wards where shine might be mistaken for a wet floor or look slippery and as such, create a safety issue.

Additionally, in classrooms where there is a considerable amount of wear and tear on the floor a sealant or protectant is desired, yet a glossy finish can amplify the blemishes.

Spartan’s PROmatte™ is a matte sealer, floor finish and protectant optimal for facilities seeking a low-maintenance, low-gloss finish. Camouflaging wear and tear, PROmatte provides a high perception of care while reducing labor costs. Highly resistant to black-heel markings and scuffs, PROmatte deepens the floors true color and provides a long lasting, unblemished appearance.


  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Memory Wards
  • Dialysis Units (dialysis machines will drip causing gloss to diminish faster)
  • Classrooms
  • A great choice for any location seeking a low maintenance, low gloss finish.

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