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Ice Melt Residue Wreaking Havoc on Your Floors

Ice Melt Residue

This FAQ will go over a few important steps you can use for cleaning up all the salt & other ice melting products that are tracked in from outside.

You’ve made it safe for your customers by putting out rock salt now the salt & other chemicals are wreaking havoc on your floors.

Q: How do we keep ice melt residue off of our floors ?

A: The first tip is not to apply too much ice melter.  Apply appropriate amounts periodically.  Excess amounts will ultimately stick to shoes and be tracked inside the building.  Walk-off matting can also helpful.

Secondly, change your mop water often.  A neutral pH cleaner, like Spartan Damp Mop will suffice in keeping the floor clean, but the mop water will become dirty much quicker at this time of year.  Changing your mop solution often and mopping from the “cleaner areas” TOWARD the “dirtier areas” will allow the solution to be used longer, and prevent the ice melt residue from being spread further over the floor.

In cases when the neutral cleaner just isn’t enough, a product like Concept 915 will help.  It is a stronger cleaner that will dissolve the ice melt residue.  Apply liberally to the floor and mop up using clean, fresh water or a wet vac.  Caution though, on waxed floors; excessive use of stronger cleaners could dull the shine of the floor finish.  Only use Concept 915 when a neutral pH cleaner doesn’t work.

Q: How do we remove the white powdery residue on carpeting caused by ice melters ?

A: Concept 915 is a pre-measured packet of detergent that makes 5 gallons of cleaning solution.  Use in place of a detergent in your carpet extractor.

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