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Consume Odor Eliminator

Did you know that there are several ORGANISMS thriving in your bathrooms and drains, as we speak, Allied-Eagle has the answer to get rid of those unwanted guests!

If the thought of decaying organisms thriving in your home is enough to creep you out and send your inner neat freak into convulsions, then let your fears be washed away by one of our most trusted products.

Consume live bacterial digestant by Spartan Chemical Co. has the highest live bacteria count of any enzyme based cleaners currently on the market. In addition to eliminating urine deposits that cause the unpleasant odors in carpets and restrooms. Consume can be used REGULARLY to help keep drains & garbage disposals running clear and odor free.

How to Use:
Simply mix 1 cup of Consume to a pail of warm water then pour a small amount into your drains, the live bacteria will “consume” any organic materials such as grease and food that may be decaying in the drains and causing that unpleasant odor. This is also VERY good for bars and restaurants since Consume will eat up any food particles that gnats & other tiny bugs eat.

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