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Allied-Eagle is a full service distribution company providing janitorial supplies, cleaning equipment, service and repair, laundry, warewash, process training and much more. Beyond simply providing products, our expertise is in helping our customers achieve clean and healthy facilities by working closely with you to create complete cleaning and maintenance programs designed to meet your specific needs. We’ll help you maximize cleaning results, efficiencies and budgets.

In business for more than 65 years, we have developed strong relationships with leading manufacturers such as Spartan, Clorox, Wausau, GoJo, Rubbermaid, Nilfisk-Advance and many more to provide the right products, programs and support to meet the needs of any facility type.


Advance AquaCleanAdvance AquaClean® 16ST Carpet Extractor - 16" Self contained extractor. CRI Deep Cleaning Seal of Approval.


915Stearns® Concept "915" Ice Melt Remover. Removes the white crust of ice melting compound residue. One pack makes 5 gallons.


Square Scrub Doodle ScrubSquare Scrub Doodle Scrub. Cleans around and behind toilets. Fits underneath sinks.

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Minuteman-E20-Walk-Behind-ScrubberSpartan PROmatte Sealer/Floor Finish. Optimal for facilities seeking a low maintenance, low gloss finish.


Wrap Tite Clear Acrylic TapeWrap-Tite Clear Acrylic Tape. Resists UV rays, tears, splits and aging. Works in cold temperatures.

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The Value of Healthy Cleaning: A Free Workshop

Please join us for one of our interactive workshops where our experts will examine the real value of healthy cleaning processes and the positive impact they can have on your facility, its occupants and your budget!

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It’s Winter – Give Your Entrance Matting a Break!

One of the best ways to care for your floors is to make sure you have a proper floor matting program in place. The right matting can prevent soil from being tracked into your facility and enhance the safety of your floors.

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spartan promatte

Using Matte Floor Finish to Brighten Your Floors!

For most facilities, high gloss floors are the epitome of a well maintained building - the higher the gloss, the better. However, in some facilities, glossy floors may cause a problem for building residents, such as memory wards where shine might be mistaken for a wet floor or look slippery and as such, create a safety issue.

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Ice Melt Residue

Ice Melt Residue Wreaking Havoc on Your Floors

This FAQ will go over a few important steps you can use for cleaning up all the salt & other ice melting products that are tracked in from outside.

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Eliminate Odors Naturally....

Consume Odor Eliminator

Did you know that there are several ORGANISMS thriving in your bathrooms and drains, as we speak, Allied-Eagle has the answer to get rid of those unwanted guests!

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Key Partners

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  • GojoCloroxGoldenStarMinuteman3M
  • AndersonInterplastGroupRMCMatsInc
  • SquareScrubTornadoWindsorCanberraTennant

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For more than 60 years customers have relied on our expertise to help them effectively and economically manage their cleaning and maintenance needs.

We currently have 4 locations serving customers throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Each location includes a showroom, warehouse and experienced representatives ready to assist you with any questions you may have concerning the right janitorial supplies that you may need to make your place shine.

Additionally we are partnered with prominent distributors across North America so we are able to go wherever you do and provide you with consistent reliable service.

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